Spider Control

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spider control mandurahWhen you’re finding spiders creeping around every corner, it’s time to eliminate them before they start being a major problem for your home or business. Here at Mandurah and Peel Pest Service, we have a team of licensed and certified experts who have been studying the spider life of Australia to remain the most skilled spider control experts.

Controlling Spiders

Spiders cause many problems in your home, weaving webs that gather insects and dust, or even posing a serious danger to your family, business, and pets.

While spider extermination can take place on a one by one basis by the average home owner, getting rid of an infestation is far trickier. Spiders are solitary hunters, and that means you’re unlikely to find more than one or two at a time, while there may be hundreds throughout your home and property.

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White tiped spider

White Tailed Spider

red back spider

Red Back Spider

black house spider

Black House Spider

huntsman spider

Huntsman Spider