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we can assit with all types of ant controlIf your home in Mandurah or Peel has been invaded by ants then acting sooner will increase your chance for an ant free living. An ant infestation is hard to eliminate and requires treatment by a qualified pest controller to guarantee an effective results.

Ant colonies can be found almost anywhere including-kitchens, roof voids, lawns, gardens, timber and rookeries. They can be very persistent and once they have decided to nest in or around your home treating them may not be as easy as one expects.

We can stop ants from returning

First we determine what types of ants are causing you problems and treat them directly or provide baiting options. We create barriers to your property and offer advice on how to limit them from accessing your property. Our treatments are safe for your family and pets and come with a peace of mind warranty. Protect your family today – contact your local experts with local knowledge.

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white footed house ant

White Footed House Ant

black house ant

Black House Ant

coastal brown ant

Coastal Brown Ant

bulldog ant

Bulldog Ant