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mice and rat rodent controlOne of our specialties is rat and mouse removal/eradication throughout the Mandurah and Peel region. With large bodies of water surrounding the region it is the perfect breeding ground for all rodents.

If rodent droppings are discovered in a cupboard or shelf, remove contents so the technician has better access to areas he/she will treat. The technician will do a thorough inspection both on the interior and the exterior of the premises.

You can count on Mandurah and Peel Pest Services to free your home or business from infestation.

How we sucessfully manage rodents

Large colonies of rodents and other pests can wreak havoc on your building, whether it is your home or your business. Unless the colony is in it’s infancy containing only a handful of members, it is unlikely that an individual home or business owner could eradicate them without professional help. The business of rodent elimination can be extremely hard without industrial caliber equipment and supplies.

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black rat

Black Rat

brown rat

Brown Rat

field mice

Field Mouse

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House Mouse